Once upon a time, this site belonged to the company Domestic Energy OTCPK:DMC. Now the issuer does not support the website, so A2 Finance, a company engaged in financial analytics and dividends, has restored this website as a sign of respect for the stock market participant and its history.

Domestic Energy Corporation


AGOil&Gas is an oil and gas exploration and development company focused on the exploitation of long lived, low risk natural gas and oil properties. Our current operations are centered on the emerging Chattanooga Shale Play in the southern Appalachian Basin.

AGagro is primarily focused on the development of Large-Scale Bio-Fuel projects. AGagro’s goal is to release the potential of agriculture to solve crucial energy problems for people and the planet. The need for inventive, sustainable solutions to the world’s energy problems has never been greater. We are uniquely qualified to meet these needs in ways that create ongoing prosperity.

AGcoalgas is a Company focused on “Clean Coal Technology” (CCT). We have developed the next generation of clean energy technology. By grinding coal into a very fine particle slurry, biologically treating the coal slurry to remove the heavy minerals, we believe such a slurry mixture, will have sufficient fluidity to move through pipelines and burn cleaner than current Oil and Gas fired power plants. Link this revolutionary clean coal technology with AGcoalgas’s proprietary biological treatment of the plant emissions and the elusive zero emissions power plant is close to fulfillment.

NorthStar Exploration is a company engaged in a variety of projects in the natural resource exploration industry in Western Canada with an emphasis on rare metals and oil sands exploration. The company is aggressively exploring Canada's rare metal land holdings in British Columbia and the largest contiguous oil sands land holding, which are located in northeast Alberta and northwest Saskatchewan. NorthStar Exploration is leading the development of rare metal exploration in British Columbia and the oil sands industry in the province of Saskatchewan.