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Domestic Energy Corporation

AG Oil & Gas

AGOil&Gas is an independent oil and gas exploration and development company focused on the exploitation of long-lived, low risk natural gas and oil properties.  Our current operations are centered on the emerging Chattanooga Shale Play in the southern Appalachian Basin and in the vicinity of the CNX horizontal discovery well that was reported as having an initial production rate of 3.9 MMCFD and sustained production in the 300-400MCF daily rates.  

AGOil&Gas has acquired the rights to 90 existing wells in Scott and Morgan Counties of Tennessee that cover an area of approximately 30,000 acres. Within this block the Chattanooga Shale lies at a depth between 1000 feet and 2000 feet and is between 20 to 50 feet thick. Most of the acquired wells suspended drilling operations well above the top of the Chattanooga Shale.  

AGOil&Gas intends to re-enter these wells and deepen them for vertical completion in the shale by using the most advanced technologies in vertical and horizontal drilling linked with modern fracturing methods. 

AGOil&Gas believes that we can be a major player in the region and capitalize on one of the largest oil and gas finds in the world.